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Steam shower in Colorado Springs.

If you’re considering a steam shower remodel to equip your home with a luxurious, spa-like feature, we are right behind your decision. But with the excitement and anticipation often comes a dose of stress — installing or remodeling a steam shower can be a hectic, messy process and there are a lot of things to consider before embarking on your steam shower journey. Though the process can be more advanced than it seems, working with the right contractor can make a big difference and remove the stress that typically comes with renovation projects. HOMEfix knows all about steam shower installation & repairs, and we can help to ensure that your remodel is a steamy success. Since 2007, our team has completed numerous steam shower remodeling projects for homeowners all around the Colorado Springs area.

How to plan your steam shower remodel.

Before you give yourself carte blanche on the whole steam shower idea, it’s important to create a plan that will guide your steam shower installation and result in a successful remodel. Consider the following points:

Are you the only one who’ll get to enjoy your new shower, or will there be others who will use it as well? How will it be used? If you notice issues with your current shower routine, you may be able to correct them during your steam shower remodel.

There are many options for steam shower installation and determining the right style will help you get the most out of your investment. HOMEfix can provide honest advice about which style offers the most benefits in your specific situation.

Understanding how steam showers work can factor into your plan, as you’ll need the proper power source and plumbing configuration to make it happen. HOMEfix can explain the steam shower installation process so that you’ll know how it all works.

There are different features to look for when planning your steam shower remodel. Take a look at multiple options to determine which features fit with your wants and needs and our team can ensure you get the steam shower that you really want.

You should always identify a budget when planning for your steam shower installation. Steam showers are well worth the added cost, as they can help you relieve stress, detox, improve your circulation, and rejuvenate your body with each use.

Why choose HOMEfix for your steam shower installation & repair?

Steam shower installation can change your life, and that fits right in with our main goal at HOMEfix. We want to help our customers improve their living spaces and get the most enjoyment out of their investments. When you surround yourself with thoughtful, high-quality features, you gain a sense of peace and relaxation. We like to feel comfortable and content and enhancing our immediate environment helps us achieve that.

Since 2007, we’ve grown our HOMEfix team to include talented people who feel the same way, and together we have had the opportunity to complete some amazing projects for homeowners in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. All of our work is backed by our 5-year warranty, and you’ll have the added benefit of knowing that your quoted price will never change unless you alter the scope of work. This means that you won’t be on the hook for unforeseen circumstances. Instead, we’ll whip out a fork and eat the costs ourselves.