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Solar installation Colorado Springs.

If you have air conditioning in Colorado, you need to go solar THIS YEAR. Why? Because the federal tax credit for going solar already dropped from 30% to 26%. Next year it’ll drop again to 22%… and by 2022 it’ll be gone. Get solar installation services in Colorado Springs from HOMEfix!

Going solar doesn’t make sense for everyone but it’s an absolute no-brainer for some. If your monthly electric bill is more than what your monthly payment would be to own your solar system, this is definitely the time to install solar in your home in Colorado Springs. 

It’s the difference between renting your power and owning your power. You’ll never pay off your electric bill, and rates are going up by an average of 4% every year.

A few years after installing solar, all your solar panel services costs could be paid off, and your electric bill could be zero, next to zero, or possibly even negative, depending on your system.

Think about it like this… if you went to a gas station and they offered you a fixed price on gas for the next 10 years at its current price and then you never had to pay for gas again, would you do it?

Things to know before you install solar panels.

Call us today to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation where our solar installer can walk you through your usage and all our solar panel services and see if solar makes sense for you this year.

 But before you do, there are 6 things you should know…

Installing solar in Colorado Springs usually doesn’t take you “off the grid”. Any power that you don’t use gets pumped back into the grid and your meter will run backward.

Going solar can increase the property value of your home significantly. Our solar installer can help you determine the benefits if you decide to install solar in Colorado Springs. 

If you don’t have air conditioning, chances are you use very little electricity, and going solar may not make sense for you… unless you’re planning on getting air conditioning down the road.

Colorado is one of the sunniest places in the United States.

Solar panels are most effective on the south-facing side(s) of your roof. 

Continuing to burn fossil fuels like coal and natural gas to generate our power continues to put carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.