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Shower Remodeling in Colorado Springs

Shower makeovers sound like a lot of fun at first, but the construction process can be stressful if the proper planning isn’t completed beforehand. In most cases, it isn’t as easy as picking out new tile or a new surround and calling it a day. That’s why choosing to work with the right shower remodel contractor is so important – your contractor can help you plan your shower remodel carefully to ensure that nothing is missed and help you achieve complete satisfaction with the finished product.

At HOMEfix, our team of shower remodel contractors are experienced and knowledgeable about the process of shower makeovers and have been working in the Greater Colorado Springs area since 2007. We’ve helped numerous homeowners with their shower remodel projects and have the tools necessary to create the perfect space to start your mornings.


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How to Plan Your Shower Remodel in Colorado Springs

There are several things to consider before you start swinging a hammer. Planning ahead of time can save you a lot of stress and increased cost, and you’ll have a much better chance of achieving the look and feel that you really want.

  • Functionality. Think about your morning routine, how your shower is used, and who will be using it. Are there issues with your current shower that could be corrected during your shower remodel? Do you have the space for dual showerheads?
  • Style. You may want to match the style of other areas in your home or create an entirely new look if your shower is the first stage of larger renovations. Our in house shower remodel contractors at HOMEfix can provide honest advice about which styles to avoid, and which to move forward with.
  • Durability. If your shower is going to get a lot of use, you’ll want to make sure that quality is a consideration. The higher the quality, the more durable your shower will be. The fixtures we install in our shower makeovers are built to handle
  • Shower Remodelheavy use over time.
  • Budget. Create a budget and don’t waiver from it. Your costs can increase drastically if you start buying things without consulting your budget and your overall plan, and this can put a damper on your whole shower remodel.
  • Trends. You can get a lot of ideas either online or in print magazines that will help to guide your shower remodel in Colorado Springs. Our team of in-house shower remodel contractors can also provide you with information about current trends that may help to improve your resale value as well.

Why Choose HOMEfix for Your Shower Remodel?

Our founder Griff Hanning started HOMEfix with the intention of enhancing the lives of everyone we work with. Spending time in well-planned spaces can have a positive effect on your mood, attitude, and outlook, and make you feel relaxed. This applies to you, your family, and guests that visit your home. It may seem like a simple shower remodel, but the truth is that by enhancing the spaces that we spend a lot of time in we can achieve a sense of peace.

Since 2007, our team has grown to include talented, like-minded individuals who share our passion for helping homeowners improve their spaces and we have spread that passion all over the Colorado Springs area. We take it a step further with our 5-year warranty that ensures the work we do will stand the test of time, and providing you with a budget guarantee. When we give yo

u a quote for a shower remodeling project or other home improvement projects, the price is the price unless you alter the scope of work. Any unforeseen issues that occur during construction won’t cost you a penny more because we’ll eat the costs for breakfast.

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