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Roof Replacement in Colorado Springs

Has the melting spring snow revealed that you've got a leaky roof? Looking to complete a professional roof inspection before finalizing the sale of your home? Or maybe one of southern Colorado's famous thunderstorms has brought along hail damage that needs to be replaced ASAP. Whatever the issue, our team of experienced and knowledgeable roofing inspectors are here to help!

As your trusted roofing experts since 2007, you can count on the Colorado Spring roofing team at Homefix to provide you with an honest assessment of your roof's condition. And if you do have considerable damage — we'll guide you through every step of the insurance process as you file a claim and get the money necessary to make repairs. Finally, if you don't have any damage, we'll help give you peace of mind.


Two of the most common ways that a roof can get damaged in the greater Colorado Springs area include excessive winds and hail.

And if you've lived in The Springs for a while, there's a good chance that your roof has been damaged by inclement weather sometime in the last 5 years.

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If your roof has only been subjected to a small amount of wind and hail damage, it's possible that it can be easily fixed with minor repairs. However, if we find extensive damage on all surfaces of your roof, it may be time to invest in a full roof replacement. In addition to our commitment to providing the highest quality of care to our residential roofing customers, we also back our roof replacements with a 5-year warranty. This means that if something goes wrong after your roof replacement within 5 years of the project completion, we'll fix it!


The hassle of dealing with insurance companies is one of the biggest reasons that so many Colorado Springs homeowners avoid having their roof professionally inspected at the first sign of trouble. From filing your claim to going back-and-forth with your claim adjuster over the phone and swimming through mountains of paperwork — the entire process can be very intimidating without an advocate by your side.

At Homefix, we're more than just your local roofing contractors — we're your local insurance specialists as well. With many years of combined experience working in the industry, we know exactly how to make sure that your insurance company covers every roof repair or replacement cost that they should.

Once you file a claim, you can expect your insurance claim adjuster to complete their own inspection of the roof and file a report detailing which repairs are covered by your policy and which costs you are responsible for. If we notice that they've missed something, we are happy to step in and confirm this information on your behalf. Don't let the fear of your insurance company prevent you from getting the roof inspection and repairs that your home needs!


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