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How much time does your family spend in the kitchen? For most Colorado Springs homeowners, the kitchen is the most lived-in space in the entire home. At Homefix, we understand that your kitchen doesn’t have to be the most extravagant room in your home — but we believe that it should be comfortable, easy on the eyes and easy to use. Our team of expert craftsmen want to help give you the kitchen of your dreams. We’re here to help you bring your design ideas to life in a space that you’re proud to host friends and family in. Keep reading to learn more about working with our friendly team and how you can begin your kitchen remodel today!

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Wolverton's Kitchen Remodel

Your Local Kitchen Remodel Team in Colorado Springs

Looking to Start a Colorado Springs Remodel?

A complete kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be stressful and daunting. In fact, the entire process can be enjoyable and fun. Whether you’re interested in a classic bungalow kitchen or a bold contemporary design, with a full remodel, we can completely change the configuration of how your kitchen flows. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while these changes are happening, we’ll need to remove everything from the counters and cabinets to the plumbing and maybe even the walls. Let the adventure begin!

Maybe You Simply Want a Kitchen Refresh?

Sometimes all that your kitchen space really needs are a few refreshing touches to bring it back to life. This may include changing out the countertops, cabinets and flooring — but keeping the overall configuration of the room the same. At Homefix, no kitchen remodel in Colorado Springs is too big or too small! And you can always count on us to use high-quality materials to achieve the look you desire. Our goal is to help you realize the kitchen of your dreams on time and within your budget.

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Tucker's Kitchen Remodel

A Custom Kitchen Design Just for You

It’s no secret that sometimes the design process can be a bit overwhelming. And even if you have a good idea of the direction you’d like to go in, keeping your vision in line with your budget can be difficult without the help of an experienced remodeling team by your side. From picking out cabinets and countertops to studying the perfect paint swatches and light fixture options — we’re here to help keep your kitchen remodel on track and take the anxiety out of the process.

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Have questions about a kitchen refresh vs. an entire kitchen remodel? Ready to begin the kitchen remodel process? Our friendly craftsmen are always here to answer your questions. With years of combined experience and a dedication to providing the highest quality of care, we are proud to be your choice kitchen remodel experts in Colorado Springs. For more information on our kitchen remodeling services or to schedule an appointment and request an estimate, be sure to call (719) 749-1788 or contact us online today!

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