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Basement Remodeling Services

They say, "Home is where the heart is," and for most homeowners in Colorado Springs, that definitely rings true. But if you have an unfinished basement, the statement can feel a bit half-hearted at times. But an unfinished basement does represent something important. Potential. Many who invest in basement finishing in Colorado Springs, find that their downstairs can become a whole new world or at least a pleasing extension of the one upstairs.

At Homefix in Colorado Springs, there are several types of remodeling projects and basement remodeling services we can help you with all over your home, but it is often basement finishing that really gives homeowners a sense of completion that they are looking for. Unfinished basements are known for attracting excess moisture and mold, and sometimes "unwanted residents." By working with a professional to finish up your rooms in a way that works for your family, you can set your defense against pests and make the space a place where you'll want to bring friends and family to and hang out yourself.


The first step to basement finishing in Colorado Springs is literally the drawing board. It is important to look at the raw space and define what you and your family need to make it safe and functional.

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This means mapping out the entire lower floor and deciding how each area will function. Many take one area at a time and start with a family or recreational space.


e that will be worthy of quality time together or entertaining. At Homefix, we will listen to your basement finishing vision. You might want a home theater to sit and relax, or a more active area that lends itself to games like ping pong or billiards, or even a place to dance.

Another thing to decide is how your utilities are going to function in your basement once it is finished. In a largely unfinished basement, you may bravely trek down the stairs to do your laundry and return upstairs as soon as possible. When you are getting your basement finished, however, how you approach this task becomes totally different. Your laundry space can be functional and closed off from other parts of the basement, and not necessarily a place that you dread going to. At Homefix, our basement remodeling services including looking at other utility functions too, including room enclosures for the furnace and water heater, and look into the possibility of other functional rooms, like a kitchenette, wet bar, or even a bathroom. Even if you aren't quite ready for these steps, it helps to envision so you have a strong sense of what is possible.


In order for a space to be classified as a bedroom, it needs to have a closet and an egress window. While offices don't require these, it is still good to make sure any personal rooms have plenty of light and ventilation. At Homefix, we talk to you about each rooms' purpose in order to assure each one can serve you well.


Even with the basement rooms set up the way you want, it can feel dark and closed off, but with things like ventilation systems, electric or gas fireplaces, the right color choices, and smart spacing of walls and dividers, your basement can feel both finished and welcoming.


Every basement finishing in Colorado Springs can vary depending on size and complexity, but most take 8 weeks from start to finish.

One of the biggest factors that can delay a basement finish is the selection of finish materials (paint colors, vanity cabinets, sinks, faucets, lights, ect…). That's why we partner with DesignCents and have a showroom to help you pick all of these out and order them before basement remodeling construction even begins!

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