HOMEfix 5 Year Roof Warranty -

HOMEfix 5 Year Roof Warranty

HOMEfix 5 Year Roof Warranty

HOMEfix 5 Year Roof Warranty

Dear Homeowner, 

Your roof replacement will be protected with our 5-year warranty from the date of installation. This warranty covers all material and labor that HOMEfix applies to the job. In the event of a problem or concern, contact the office immediately to report the issue to a HOMEfix representative.  You’ll need to report the issue within 24 hours. Immediate reporting (within 24 hours) is required as further damages will not be covered if reporting is delayed.


HOMEfix will provide service without charge for 5 years from the date of install. Of course services rendered by anyone other than HOMEfix will not be reimbursed. Any services requested beyond 5 years from the date of install will be charged at the current labor rates.


This warranty does not include repairs resulting from damage caused by fault, carelessness, alteration or modification by persons not affiliated with HOMEfix, fire, improper maintenance, wind, hail, or other acts of God. The warranty is transferable one time to a new home buyer. Buyer must contact HOMEfix within 30 days of purchase to keep warranty intact.


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