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Tile Repair

If you’ve got tile that’s breaking, cracking, buckling, or the grout is falling out, we can help you get it back to beautiful.

How much does tile repair cost?

Most tile repairs cost between $350 – $550.

However, there’s always the possibility of other issues as a result of the repair such as your tile or grout not being to be matched exactly because the color is discontinued, or in order to repair your tile we have to move your bathroom vanity. Complications like those are not terribly uncommon unfortunately. We do everything within our control to make your repair as painless as possible.

How much do you charge for an estimate?

We never charge for estimates.

How long will it take?

From initial phone call to completed work, most tile repairs take between 3 to 6 weeks.

We can usually come out and take a look at your tile 3 business days after you schedule your appointment. 

We’ll then send you an estimate in no more than 3 business days (probably less), and we should be able to start work in 5 – 10 business days following your initial deposit. 

The work itself will probably take 1, maybe 2 business days just depending on the size and extent of the repair. 

Do you ONLY do tile?

No. We are a general contractor meaning that we can tackle everything from flooring to trim to paint. We get the job done.

Why should I call HOMEfix?

Tile installation requires several steps that can be somewhat difficult to do well. Especially for anyone lacking in knowledge or experience. These steps include tile cutting, fitting, mixing, laying grout, and more. Relying on experience ensures that the job will get done the right way and give you a finished product that you’ll be happy with.

As for why you should call us over our competitors, we will never go over the estimated cost of a project (unless you decide to change the scope of work). That’s our promise to you. You’re not going to see that anywhere else.

Do you hire subcontractors?

We have our own in-house crew of experienced master craftsmen but we do sub out trades that we aren’t licensed for when necessary (ex. HVAC, electrical, plumbing). For a simple tile repair, we’ll take care of it.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are. Our Pikes Peak RBD contractor number is 18264. Feel free to look us up.

Do you offer a warranty?

We have a 5-year warranty on all materials and labor. More info

Can I provide my own materials?

You can, but depending on what you have, we may or may not be able to warranty the work. All materials provided by HOMEfix will be warrantied.

Can you repair heated tile floors?

Yes we can. No sweat.


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