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There are many reasons why you may want to consider a tub to shower conversion, or if you already have a bath, converting your bath into a shower. As both kids and adults get older, their needs often change, and a bathtub conversion can help to make morning routines more efficient for all. While it can be exciting to plan your new shower or tub, it can also induce stress as you consider how the process will impact your home during construction. There are a number of tub to shower conversion companies in Colorado Springs that can help make the process easier, and choosing the right contractor for the job is of the utmost importance. HOMEfix has helped countless customers in Colorado Springs with both their shower and bath conversions and understands how to provide the solutions you need with the least amount of impact on your daily routine.

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Ideas to Consider for Converting Your Bath to Shower (or Shower to Tub Conversion)

Developing a plan for your tub to shower conversion is an important step that helps to ensure your new shower will include all of the features you need, and there are several things to keep in mind before the hammers start to swing.

If you’re heading the other way with a shower to tub conversion, the same planning is necessary to ensure that you can enjoy your bathtub without worry.

  • Functionality. Who will use it? Whether you’re opting of converting your bath into a shower or a shower into a tub, consider the needs of those who will use it the most. Glass doors versus a shower curtain, accessible rails, and rainfall showerheads are all features that different types of people can utilize to make their bathing experience more enjoyable.
  • Style. Shower and bath conversions don’t have to be purely functional. If the goal of your shower to tub conversion is to provide a place for a relaxing soak, choose a large tub where you can fully relax. If your bathtub conversion will result in a stand-up shower, choose a stylish wall and floor tile that will enhance the ambiance. If you aren’t sure, we can work with you to choose materials that will offer you the right style for your home.
  • Efficiency. Adding items such as handheld shower wands to your bathtub conversion can help you clean up easier, and wall jets in the shower add a spa-like element for premium relaxation. Either way, you don’t have to increase your water bill – you can choose lower flow options that help to conserve water and keep your consumption down.
  • Budget. Always create a budget that you can stick to. Shower to tub conversion and tub to shower conversion companies in Colorado Springs can help you understand the costs involved with your project and create a realistic budget to stick to during the construction process.
  • Trends. Soaker tubs are very in right now, but if you’re planning a tub to shower conversion, you’ll need other ideas! Consult a few home improvement websites that focus on bathtub conversion or ask us for tips on how to stick with the trends that will boost your real estate value.

Why Choose HOMEfix for Your Shower and Bath Conversions?

At HOMEfix, we want to make sure that you’ll be excited about your finished bathtub conversion before we get to work. We know that ease of use and relaxation are important to you and your family, and our goal is to support you with ideas and options that will fulfill the needs of your daily bathing routine. Our 5-year warranty and budget guarantee ensure that whether you choose to convert your bath into a shower or a shower to tub conversion, you can depend on our workmanship and commitment to your project. If an unforeseen situation arises, we’ll eat the cost – no questions asked (as long as you haven’t changed the scope, of course!). HOMEfix is here to provide the advice you want, and the quality craftsmanship you need.

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