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Steam Shower Services.

At Homefix, we ensure your steam shower installation or repair is seamless and stress-free, turning your bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

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Improving bathroom remodels in Colorado Springs for over 16 years

Steam Shower Installation and Repairs.

At Homefix, we're proud to serve the Colorado Springs community with our quality steam shower installation & repair services. We believe in the power of local; by supporting each other, we contribute to the vibrancy and success of our shared home.

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That's the HOMEfix way.

Common Questions.

How long does a typical steam shower installation take with Homefix?

Generally, installation takes between one to three days, depending on the complexity of your project. We'll give you a clear timeline before starting so you know exactly what to expect.

Do you carry out a consultation before the installation?

Absolutely! We provide a free consultation and estimate to discuss your needs, assess your space, and plan the installation in detail to ensure it meets your personal preferences and requirements.

Can you work with custom steam shower designs?

Yes, we can. We love bringing unique and personalized designs to life and ensuring they are both functional and stylish!

What's the first step if I need my steam shower repaired by Homefix?

Just give us a call or fill out a our contact form on our website. We'll promptly arrange for a technician to visit, diagnose the issue, and get your steam shower back to working order in no time.

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