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Bathroom Remodeling.

Transform your bathroom into a serene oasis with our bespoke remodeling services, tailored to your comfort and style.

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Bathroom Remodeling.

What bathroom remodeling services can we help with?

Master Bathroom Remodels.

The master bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house, and it's no surprise that homeowners often choose to prioritize & update their master bathroom into a functional and relaxing space.

Small Bathroom Remodels.

There's a true art in a small bathroom renovation. Working within a small room to create a sense of spaciousness while also implementing aesthetically pleasing functionality.

Guest Bathroom Remodels.

Your guest bathroom in an important space that provides amenity & convenience for your guests. It's a great opportunity to showcase your unique design choices to create a welcoming & comfortable atmosphere.

Shower Remodels.

Showers are not only functional - they tend to be the focal point of a bathroom from a design, comfort, & convenience standpoint. With so many different shower options, we can find the perfect fit for any size, layout, or style of bathroom.

Shower & Bath Conversions.

A shower bath conversion is a simple yet impactful renovation project that can transform your bathroom into a modern & functional space. You can maximize the space in your bathroom while creating a more luxurious shower experience. It can make all the difference in comfort & appearance of your bathroom.

Steam Shower Installation.

Steam showers are the ultimate relaxation experience. Combining the benefits of steam with a shower can help you de-stress along with many other health benefits. With advancements in technology, steam showers are now more accessible than ever before & can turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like oasis.

At Homefix, we're proud to serve the Colorado Springs community with our beautiful bathroom renovation and remodeling services. We believe in the power of local; by supporting each other, we contribute to the vibrancy and success of our shared home.

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Common Questions.

What are the benefits of renovating my bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom can not only increase the enjoyment and functionality of your space but also add value to your home. A well-designed bathroom can provide a peaceful retreat within your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

How much does a bathroom remodel typically cost?

The cost of a bathroo, renovation can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of your bathroom, the quality of materials chosen, and the complexity of the design. At HOMEfix, we provide personalized estimates so that you fully understand the financial commitment for your specific project.

What should I consider when planning the layout of my new bathroom?

When planning your bathroom layout, consider the space's functionality and flow. Ensure there's enough room for door openings and that fixtures are placed in practical locations. Think about who will use the bathroom and what features will serve them best. HOMEfix provides personalized professional design services & we have a beautiful showroom to see the latest trends and innovations in bathroom design.

Can you make my bathroom more eco-friendly?

HOMEfix is always happy to help our clients make their space more eco-friendly by installing low-flow toilets and showers, special lighting, and using materials that are sustainable and recyclable.

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