A white remodeled basement / entertainment room with custom built in shelves renovated, remodeled and completed by Homefix in Colorado Springs

Rich & Molly's Entertainment Room Remodel.

With a built in shelving, open space, & a minimal look, their basement is now the ultimate spot for family fun.

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An excellent basement remodel experience. The HOMEfix team took the time to help us pick the right fixtures and materials. And the results, we love. They hire tradesmen who are also the quality of professional you want around your family and kids. Their work quality is great and their follow-through to get everything just right was impressive. We recommend Griff and the HOMEfix team for your next remodel project!

- Rich

We wanted to take an ordinary room and make it exceptional. Collaborating closely with Rich and Molly, our HOMEfix team remodeled their basement into an modern entertainment room. With a built in shelving, wide open space, and a clean minimal look, their basement is now the ultimate spot for family fun.

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