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Painting is one of the simplest ways to change how your home feels, but it’s not as easy as it looks to do well. A sloppy paint job doesn’t deliver the feel that you want. And most folks just don’t have the time, experience, patience, or tools to handle painting projects. Why not just let our team of professionals take care of your interior and exterior painting needs for you? 

We don’t just paint, we also take care of trim installation as well. If you’ve been thinking about new crown molding, baseboard trim, or something other finishing touches, let us know!

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Home Painting ServicesWhy should I hire HOMEfix?

Our budget guarantee. We promise that your project cost will not exceed your estimate… unless you decide to change the scope of work.

Is it better to paint myself or hire someone to do it?

If you already have all the supplies you’ll need, you can certainly paint yourself. But you should know that a quality paint job isn’t as easy as it looks on TV. If you don’t have experience, it can get pretty messy and you may not get the crisp, finished look that you want. Hiring a professional can save you time and stress.

How much does it cost to get my house painted?

For interior painting, you’re looking at between $4.25 – $7.25 per square foot of living space (ex. 144 square foot room). Factors that could affect your cost are number of colors, vaulted ceilings, size and amount of trim, etc.

Exterior paint for an average-size home will be between $5,500 – $7,500. Factors that could affect your cost are number of colors, height and shape of surfaces, amount of trim, etc. 

How much do you charge for an estimate?

Our estimates are always free. Public Service Announcement: Don’t pay anyone just to give you an estimate.

How long will it take?

From initial phone call to work complete, painting typically takes between 15 to 20 business days. We can typically come out to take a look at the project 3 business days after your appointment is scheduled. We’ll have your estimate to you in no more than 3 business days, and we should be able to start painting 5 – 10 business days after the initial deposit. The work itself will probably take 2-5 business days just depending on the size of the project.

How does weather affect exterior paint?

You don’t want to try to paint when it’s 40 degrees or colder. Frozen paint is not good (weird right?). Obviously rain, snow, and high wind make it impossible to paint as well. As long as it’s dry and above 40 degrees, we’re good to go.

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Can you match paint colors?

Absolutely. However, if we are not painting the entire room or the entire exterior of the house, we paint corner to corner instead of simply painting one spot. Due to sun fade and differences in sheen between different products, spot-painting can leave you with flashing issues that can be seen at certain angles at different times of the day. Our goal is to ensure that you can’t tell where the old paint ends and the new paint begins. 

What do I need to do in preparation for paint day?

It can save us some time (and your money) to make sure that everything is moved at least 3 feet from the painting area. For interiors that include furniture, decor, TVs, etc. For exteriors that include firewood, grills, potted plants, etc.

Is HOMEfix a General Contractor?

We sure are. We can handle anything from your roof to your basement. We DO NOT do foundation work, mold mitigation, or radon.

Is HOMEfix licensed and insured?

Yes. Our contractor number is 18264 with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yep. 5 years materials and labor. More info

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