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Paint Preparation: Everything You Need to Know

Cody Binder

Cody Binder

Production Manager

Getting ready to paint your home, whether indoors or out, can be a big job. It’s not as simple as slapping some paint on the walls. If you forget to properly prepare the surfaces that you are about to paint, you’ll regret it later. Here, we will discuss just why this step is so important. We will also talk about paint preparation for both exterior and interior paint jobs. If you are thinking of painting any area in your home or on your property, read on!

Why is Paint Preparation so Important?

Paint preparation can mean that you paint will last much longer. It can help to protect your investment of labor, as well as materials. Ever wonder why professional paint jobs look so good? Mostly, it’s in the paint preparation. With just a bit of forethought, you can save money and have your job look better. Following these steps can also help your job to go smoother during the process. It can protect you (if you are doing the job), your property, and others in your home. You really cannot afford to skip paint preparation for your next house painting Colorado Springs project.

Exterior Jobs

For this job, you will need sandpaper or a sander, drop cloths, rags, caulk, primer, and a wire brush. Before you get started, clean and prime your gutters. You may have to scrape off any rust on them and repaint them if they have already been painted. Lay down drop clothes in the areas you will be painting. Use caulking to even out the surface and fill holes. This may need some sanding. Rough up any glossy areas, or stone surfaces. Once the area is clean and smooth, spot prime it. Then, prime he entire surface. You are ready to start painting.

Interior Jobs

Here, you will need painters tape, plastic sheeting, a paint scraper, sandpaper, spackle, and wall washing solution. Start by moving everything you can from the room. Use tape around your moldings and baseboards. You can also use it to cover doorbells, smoke detectors, etc. Cover remaining objects with plastic sheeting. Remove any and all nails, if possible. Fill holes with spackle. Scrape any old paint away, and sand rough areas. Wash the walls, then rinse them to remove the cleaner. Be sure to remove all of your outlet covers. Use masking tape to tape the wires. Apply a primer. Then, start painting.

Whether you are painting the interior or the exterior, we recommend using a high quality latex paint. After preparing the surface correctly, a high quality paint will allow you to cover in only one or two coats. This will ultimately save you time and money.


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