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NEVER Over Budget

NEVER Over Budget

The #1 fear in a home improvement project is going over budget

Our customers NEVER pay a penny more that what we quote them for their projects, unless they decide to change the scope of work. If there are unforeseen circumstances that extend the budget, we’ll cover the cost. We figure we should be thorough during the estimate so there are no surprises. Sorry HGTV, no drama to see here.

The #2 fear is time

We understand and respect that time is people’s most valuable commodity. We guarantee that we will completely finish our customer’s projects within the agreed upon timeline. If we don’t, we knock a percentage off the cost of the project.


The #3 fear is poor quality

We offer a 5 year warranty on all of our work and materials.

We’re not trying to be the cheapest remodeling, roofing, or handyman option in Colorado Springs because that would mean sacrificing quality. Cheaper isn’t always better. Our goal is to exceed your expectations through quality, simplicity, and speed.


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