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What is Knockdown Texture?

Cody Binder

Cody Binder

Production Manager

Textured walls have become increasingly popular in areas around the world, especially Colorado Springs, Colorado.  As more homes begin to use knockdown texture for their choice of walls, handymen are beginning to become well-versed in this type of texturing.  The majority of individuals believe that knockdown wall texture is equivalent to orange peel texturing, but this is not the case.  In this guide, we will discuss the differences between the orange peel and knockdown wall texture and how you can find a reliable handyman to assist you with patching knockdown texture if required.

What Is Knockdown Wall Texture?

Knockdown texture is essentially a type of wall texture that falls in between a flat wall and an orange peel wall.  It provides walls with a mottled texture that helps to make it more interesting than a generic flat wall.  In order to apply knockdown texture to a wall, a contractor must add water to a joint compound and apply it using a trowel.  As the compound dries, it will leave stalactites and the contractor will then use the trowel again to leave an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The Popularity of Knockdown Texture

Flat walls are most commonly found in new homes but some home owners are looking for ways that they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of their homes without having to spend an ample amount of money on wallpaper or other improvements.  With the help of knockdown texture, walls can have a more stylish appeal for a cost effective price.  Once the texture has been applied to the wall, home owners can then paint it any color that they desire.  This method of texturizing walls is incredibly popular in the Colorado Springs area.

Orange Peel Texture

orange peel textureAs previously mentioned, many home owners confuse knockdown texture and orange peel texture.  Although these two textures provide walls with a more enhanced aesthetic appeal, they are quite different.  Orange peel texture makes walls resemble the skin of an orange, with a bumpier surface than that brought by knockdown texture.  Also, the application process is different.

Find a Handyman In Colorado Springs

As with the majority of home renovations, it can be far more advantageous to find a professional to help you with your drywall repair since patching knockdown texture is an art and can be very difficult to accomplish.

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