kitchen remodel ideas for Colorado Springs

Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Colorado Springs 2019

Create a Functional, Beautiful Space for Family and Friends… and for You

Kitchen 1: Modern and Dreamy

This is Erin’s kitchen. When we met Erin, she told us that she loves to cook. At the end of the project Erin had this to say “The Homefix team was amazing from beginning to end! We LOVE our new kitchen! It’s like walking into a retreat every morning.” We can’t think of anything better to hear than that!

What we love about this kitchen…

The color and the lighting are much more cheery and inviting. The dark wood floors contrast and anchor the feel of the space and the backsplash ties the whole room together. They also put an island table between the fridge and the sink.


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Kitchen 2: Farmhouse

This is Jodi’s kitchen. We ended up referring to this project as “The Rescue Project.” Jodi had hired another contractor to start the kitchen remodel but he had made a lot of mistakes and Jodi ended up having to fire him.

With the partnership of DesignCents we helped Jodi achieve the vision she had in the first place.

What we love about this kitchen

The textures and contrasts of the materials is warm and sophisticated. The combination of wood and stone in the island is truly unique. The teal subway tile is a really nice finish.


Kitchen 3: Rustic

This is Janine’s kitchen. He what she has to say about her experience “We truly have the kitchen of our dreams. We are still pinching ourselves to this day, and saying “is this real?” Thank you so much Sandy, Griff and Jerry for all your hard work. Can’t wait until we have another project for you!!”. 

What we love about this kitchen

This kitchen has the feel of a cottage. The variety in the wood tones give it that cozy ambience. We’re also a sucker for hanging pot racks.


Kitchen 4: Vintage Chic

This is Cindy’s kitchen. Cindy wanted to update her kitchen from the generic palate that the builder had chosen. She also wanted to open up the space between the living room and the kitchen and make it more versatile for both cooking and conversation.

What we love about this kitchen

The material selection is both classic and fresh. The blue accents really pop and how cool are those windows in the backsplash?


Kitchen 5: Timeless Classic

This is Jeannine’s kitchen. She wanted an update that would withstand the ups and downs of home trends.

What we love about this kitchen

There’s a lot to be said for simplicity. This kitchen will still be looking good 30 years from now.


Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen?

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