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Kids room renovating Colorado Springs.

Renovating your kid’s bedroom can be a fun and exciting experience for you and for them, but it can also place additional stress on you. Kids might have hopes and wishes for certain elements but getting everything right involves a high level of planning and purposeful execution that not everyone is prepared for. Choosing the right contractor to handle kid’s room remodeling in your home in Colorado Springs can relieve the stress that comes from renovation work and enable you to focus on your children instead of constantly cleaning up dust and debris. At HOMEfix, we make the kids’ room renovation process as pain-free as possible and can work with you to create the perfect bedroom for your child. You’ll still have full control, but without the responsibility of managing and performing the work yourself.

What to consider before you begin your kid's room renovation.

There are a number of benefits that can be achieved with kids’ bedroom remodel including the ability to declutter and provide adequate storage options for their belongings. Items such as desks or shelving can be added to provide your child with space to play as well as complete homework. Consider the following elements to ensure that your kids’ bedroom remodeling process33 produces the right result:

Consider the age of your child and what the next few years look like for them. Adding a built-in desk is a great option that will give them space to focus as they get older. If it’s a smaller room, you may want to consider constructing cabinetry with a tuck-away bed to give them ample floor space.

Children have their own unique style, and that should be reflected in every kids’ bedroom remodeling project. Gathering their input on paint colors is a given, but you can further personalize their room with unique lighting fixtures that suit a specific look. HOMEfix can help you choose the right style elements that will create a comfortable room without clashing against the colors found in the rest of your home.

Many closets contain just a simple rod, but kids don’t typically have an abundance of clothing that needs to be hung. By installing drawers and shelving in their closet, you can make it easy for them to find their clothing…and maybe even put it away!

You should always decide on a budget before beginning your kids’ bedroom renovating process. This will help you curb your spending and stay on track with what you need versus what you don’t. HOMEfix offers a budget guarantee to ensure that you won’t have any additional costs to deal with once we get started.

If you aren’t sure how your child’s bedroom should look, you can get lots of ideas from websites and magazines that will help to influence your decision. We are always available to help you stay on-trend with your kids’ bedroom remodeling.

Why choose HOMEfix for kids room remodeling services in Colorado Springs?

We believe that every room in your home is important and can provide value to your life. Remodeling outdated spaces can bring new purpose to old rooms and help you fully enjoy your home, but it’s often a messy and lengthy process. Our goal is to help you achieve the look and feel that you want without having to handle it all on your own or deal with issues after the fact. We offer a 5-year warranty on all of our work and our budget guarantee can help to ensure that there are no unforeseen costs. In fact, we’ll eat any unforeseen costs ourselves! The price that we quote you is the price you’ll pay (unless you alter the scope of work), which gives you peace of mind throughout the construction process. Complete the form below to start the conversation and find out how kids’ bedroom renovation can help you achieve the very best for your child.