Your Hail Season Action Plan

Your Hail Season Action Plan

Hey neighbor!

If you’ve lived in the Pikes Peak region for any longer than 9 months, then you know we have 4 distinct seasons: Summer, Broncos season, winter, and everyone’s favorite… hail. And it is officially hail season in Colorado Springs.

It’s not a matter of if but when hail is going to come. Last year our neighbors down in Fountain got pelted with softball sized hail!

Here are some simple things you can do to minimize the damage that hail can cause to your property:

1. Set up notifications on your phone

At HOMEfix, we use an app called Weatherbug. Make sure you allow or turn on push notifications to give you more time to take action.


2. Take action early

Before it starts hailing. This is a great time to clear out your garage so you can protect your car from a hailstorm. We know, we know… it’s not the funnest job in the world but it sure beats your car getting totaled!


2. When you get a severe thunderstorm WATCH

Go ahead and bring the dog and your potted plants inside. Better safe than sorry.


3. When you see a severe thunderstorm WARNING

Its time to take more serious precautions. Cover the hood of your car with blankets, you can cover your windshield with your floor mats, and cover your flowers with buckets or an empty pot and put rocks on top to keep them from blowing over, then get inside!


If it starts hailing on you, please GO INSIDE!


4. After the storm

Get your roof inspected by a professional. Any hail larger than dime size can cause serious damage to your roof that leads to leaks, which lead to water damage inside your home, which leads to headaches.


Go here to schedule a free roof inspection with HOMEfix and we’ll come take a look for free. No strings attached.


We hope that helps, have a great day today!


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