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What Is Glass Tile and Where Should You Use It?

Cody Binder

Cody Binder

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[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1490313996026{margin-top: 25px !important;}”][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]glass tileGlass has been an incredibly useful component for many uses around the world, one of which being tiles for flooring and for walls.  With the use of glass tiles, property owners can help the environment and increase the aesthetic appeal of their home or business simultaneously.  There are an ample amount of benefits associated with using glass tile in your bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects and it is an incredibly affordable way to make your home look more expensive.

The Different Types of Glass Tiles

Although the majority of people believe that glass comes only in a clear and shiny finish, there are thousands of other finishes that are available.  You have the opportunity to purchase glass tiles that are reflective, or have an opaque color.  There are other types of glass tiles that can be created to have a rough finish rather than a shiny finish.  With that being said, the design options are relatively endless in terms of glass tiles.

The Benefits of Glass Tile

As previously mentioned, there are many options available to you if you decide that you are interested in glass tile.  Glass helps to make the interior of a room larger as it reflects light and keeps rooms brighter for extended period of time.  There are a number of great advantages associated with choosing glass tile.

1. Versatility of Glass

One of the largest benefits associated with using glass tile is that it is extremely versatile and can be put in relatively any room.  Swimming pools, fireplaces, walls, floors, and kitchen backsplashes are just some of the areas that can benefit from the use of glass tiles.  Plus, they can be arranged in specific patterns to help provide a stylish appeal.

2. Easy Shaping

The main way to help you save money when purchasing glass tile is to remember that it can be shaped easily.  With that being said, you can buy glass in bulk and bring it to a manufacturer to have them shape it into any design that you want.  Rather than having to buy individual tiles like with other flooring materials, glass can be customized.

Smaller glass tiles used for accent strips and backsplashes will come with a mesh backing so that the pattern can remain consistent and it can be installed much quicker.

3. The Finish

Depending on the type of finish that you want your glass to have, it will provide you with more style than other types of materials such as ceramic.  Considering that glass is generally glossy and smooth, it gets rid of the traditional dull finish seen with other flooring materials.

For lots of great ideas on what to do with glass tile in your kitchen, bathrooms, or any other room in your home, check on this article from Houzz.com.

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Remodeling Your Bathroom or Kitchen?

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