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HOMEfix HVAC can give you the peace of mind that you’ll be comfortable all year round. When you call HOMEfix, you can expect the best in furnace service/replacement, communication, and customer service. We’d be more than happy to service your heating and make sure it’s plenty warm in the house. 


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What to do if your furnace isn’t working

First, check to see that your furnace breaker and disconnects are turned on and your thermostat is set to heat.

Check your filter. If you don’t remember when you last changed your filter, there’s a good chance that’s your problem. Just replace that filter and hopefully that will fix your issue.

If it doesn’t, give us a call to schedule a diagnostic. A diagnostic is $89. If the cost of your repair or replacement is more than $89, we’ll waive the cost of the diagnostic.

Never over budget

What makes HOMEfix unique is that we promise to NEVER go over the estimated cost of a furnace repair project in Colorado Springs… unless you decide you’d like to change the scope of work. 

Be careful with the cheapest option, it’s not uncommon for furnace service providers to bid a project lower than the actual cost to win the bid, then stick their customers with change orders during the project to make up the difference.

Do the right thing

Since 2007, HOMEfix has operated on two foundational beliefs. First, that people deserve to be treated fairly. Second, that we should always do everything we can to do what we say we’re going to do. 

Because of those beliefs, we choose to install quality equipment and always install that quality equipment the right way. We’ve found that when we do that, everyone is happy. 

Our customers are happy that they don’t have to give their HVAC system a second thought, it just works. And we’re happy because we very rarely have to go back to do warranty work including furnace repairs.

How much do furnace repair and replacement cost in Colorado Springs?

Every house is unique and there are many options, makes, and models of furnaces. Because of that, we only provide custom estimates after a thorough evaluation of your specific needs, your preferences, and circumstances. All of our estimates are always free (you should never pay a service provider just for an estimate).

All that said, replacing your furnace is typically going to be somewhere between $4,000 – $8,500. 

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