HOMEfix has a Fundamentally Different Approach to Roofing |

HOMEfix has a Fundamentally Different Approach to Roofing

HOMEfix has a Fundamentally Different Approach to Roofing

HOMEfix has a Fundamentally Different Approach to Roofing

It’s hard to find a colorado springs roofing contractor that you can trust and feel good about. Because of that, we’ve chosen to take a different approach to the industry. Here’s how…


1. We don’t knock on doors

Unless you’re expecting us, we will never knock on your door. All of our roofing customers have either been referred by happy customers or have asked us to come out and scheduled a roof assessment. We can take this approach because we’re not a roofing contractor¬†exclusively, we also do remodels and handyman work. This means that we don’t solely depend on roofing sales for our livelihood and therefore don’t have to be so aggressive. We’d love to help you make the roofing process as painless as possible.


2. Free Assessments

We aren’t going to charge you just to get up on your roof and let you know whether your roof is damaged or not. That’s crazy. Serving you and your family is worth our time. If we do that for enough people, it’ll go well for us. What goes around comes around, right?


3. We’ll Tell You If Your Roof Isn’t Damaged

If we get up on your roof and find that it isn’t damaged, we’ll tell you so. We figure always telling the truth will work out well for us in the long run.


We’ll also let you know if it’s not in your best interest to file a claim. In some circumstances, it might not make sense to file a claim. For example, if your deductible is $1,000 and the cost to repair the roof is $1,100, you should probably just pay for the repair out of pocket rather than adding a claim to your record. This will keep your premiums as low as possible.


4. We Don’t Ask You to Sign a Contract

If we do find damage on your roof, we won’t ask you to sign a contract.We prefer handshakes. We will walk you through the claim filing process from beginning to end and even help you file the claim if you’d like.


5. We’ll Meet Your Adjuster

We do this to make sure that we see what he or she sees to make sure that you get everything covered that need to be covered by insurance. Our goal is to do everything we can to make sure your only out of pocket expense is your deductible.


6. Hail and Wind Resistant Options

Rather than relying on planned obsolescence for future business, we offer hail and wind resistant materials that can help you avoid filing claim after claim. If we can install a roof that doesn’t need to be replaced every 5 years, you’ll be a happy customer. And happy customers are good for business.


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