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Basement Finishing Colorado Springs — How to Frame Out?

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Basement Finishing Colorado – What are Floating Walls?

Colorado Springs basement finishing projects require a unique framing system call floating walls. You might feel a little overwhelmed when you begin the process of framing out your basement, but there are tips that can make everything much simpler. You first have to understand what floating walls are and the purpose that they serve. Floating walls are designed to move slightly when the floor is expanding or contracting. This type of wall looks normal, but it is fitted with specialty plates that are located on the bottom of the frame. This allows for the movement to occur due to expansion or contraction. This slight movement will not cause damage to the wall and is a design that is ideal for this region. This type of wall frame is great for basements that feature a concrete slab floor.

Colorado Basement Finishing – How Do You Obtain Floating Walls?

First, you install your base plates using glue and a concrete Ramset. Then, you frame up your walls with a top and bottom plate but you cut your studs short enough to where there is at least 1.5″ in between the base plate and the bottom plate. Place 2×4 blocks on top of the base plates as you position the new wall. Drive a 6″ spike into the bottom plate and base plate and then nail the top of your wall to the ceiling after plumbing it up. Spike should be placed no more than 30″ apart. The spikes will hold up your wall after your remove the blocks but still allow the floor to expand and contract without damaging the wall or the floor above.

Colorado Basement Finishing – What Is Fire-Blocking?

Fire-blocking is another issue that you must be aware of when you decide to frame out your basement. Fire-blocking is designed to help starve a fire of oxygen and keep it from moving to other areas of your home. However, the material that you use to fir-block does not necessarily have to be fire-proof.

The fire-blocking material only has to serve the purpose of inhibiting the fire from getting oxygen. Once you have finished framing out your Colorado Springs basement, you can begin fire-blocking. This is the installation fire-block material in the gap between the top plate of the frame and the block wall of foundation. The material that you use to fire-block can vary, but dry wall is a safe and cheap option that passes all building code requirements.

It’s important to keep all of these things in mind when framing out a basement, otherwise, you may not pass inspection.

For more information, here’s another article that gives some more great tips on how to frame a basement.


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