DIY Remodel or Hire a Contractor? How Bout Both? |

DIY Remodel or Hire a Contractor? How Bout Both?

DIY Remodel or Hire a Contractor? How Bout Both?

DIY Remodel or Hire a Contractor? How Bout Both?

DIY Remodel or Hire a Contractor? How Bout Both?

Chances are you already know what your next big project is. Chances are the biggest thing that’s holding you back is money. You could save some money by making it a DIY remodel or you can hire a contractor. But there’s a third way that you may not have considered.


Maybe you’re a DIYer with the knowledge, skills, tools, experience, time, and patience to get the job done on your own. We as professionals have a lot of respect for that. 


Maybe you’d rather just hire a professional to get that project done right and on time. But what if you could have the best of both worlds?


With almost every home improvement project, there are parts of it that anyone could do (yes ANYONE) and parts that require more experience to come out well. Most people didn’t realize that they can do some of the work on their own and hire a contractor to tackle the more difficult parts of the project. There are 2 parts of every job that you can do on your own.


1. DIY Demo


Demo Day is definitely the most fun day of the project. So why pay someone else to have all the fun?? Any simple work like demo that your contractor doesn’t have to pay a crew to do can put money back into your pocket. 


We strongly recommend that you consult with your contractor before your start swinging a sledgehammer and knocking down walls, some of those walls might be load bearing! But once you come up with a plan, go for it! Here’s some tips on DIY demo.


In fact, if there’s anything you’d like to learn during your project, just ask the guys in the HOMEfix shirts and we’d be happy to teach you. 


2. DIY Painting


Just about anyone can roll paint on a wall. Sure, a professional should have crisper lines around ceilings and trim work but by no means do you HAVE TO pay for a painter. If you’re looking to cut the cost of the project, doing your own painting is a great way to do just that. Plus, like demo, it’s fun! Here’s some tips on DIY painting.


Painting your home is fun!


The first step in any remodeling project starts with a phone call to HOMEfix. We’ll start by scheduling an estimate appointment for one of our guys to come to your home, hear what you have in mind, and take a look at the space so they can start creating a plan for you.


Give us a call at (719) 749-1788 or even easier, click the big orange button below to request an estimate.

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