3 Questions You Need to Ask Your Homeowner’s Insurance Agent TODAY

Cody Binder
We’ve met several people over the years that are surprised by how awful their insurance coverage is AFTER they go to file a claim. We don’t want anyone to be in that position.


We met with our buddy Carl Adams from Red Letter Insurance to talk about how you can avoid putting yourself in a big financial pickle when it comes to your roof. Carl had some unique insight and great advice.

The Truth About Building vs. Buying a Home in Colorado Springs

Cody Binder

We met with our good friend Doug Herebic from Herebic Properties to talk about the current state of the housing market. Doug has been building homes in Colorado Springs for 20 years and selling real estate for 10 years.

Doug had some unique insight on building vs. buying, as well as how to sell your home for max value.

Making Sense of Your Roof Report

Cody Binder
The report that your insurance adjuster sends you after they inspect your roof is CONFUSING. We hope this article helps you start to decode it, understand the process better, and make informed, confident decisions about what’s best for your home and your family…

how to cook during a kitchen remodel

4 tips for cooking during a kitchen remodel

Cody Binder
You’re getting a new kitchen! Hooray!! But before you can enjoy preparing and sharing meals, you’re exiled from your cooking space for 4-8 weeks. So what do you do? Eat out EVERY NIGHT? That’s expensive and probably not the healthiest choice. Here are some tips for how to survive during your kitchen remodel…

how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in Colorado Springs?

How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in Colorado Springs?

Cody Binder
The kitchen is the beating heart of any home. It’s the space that many of us spend the most time in, the space where meals are shared as a family, and the space where guests gather and relationships are built. We love helping our neighbors design and create spaces that change their life by bringing joy through the marriage of function and beauty.

Your Hail Season Action Plan

Cody Binder

Your Hail Season Action Plan


If you’ve lived in the Pikes Peak region for any longer than 9 months, then you know we have 4 distinct seasons: Summer, Broncos season, winter, and everyone’s favorite… hail. And it is officially hail season in Colorado Springs.

It’s not a matter of if but when hail is going to come. Last year our neighbors down in Fountain got pelted with softball sized hail!

Here are some simple things you can do to minimize the damage that hail can cause to your property:

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