Not Sure if You Need a New Roof? This Infographic Can Help

The roof of your home has a limited lifespan. How long it lasts will depend on the materials used and how well it has been maintained.

As this infographic from Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration shows (see below), a well maintained slate roof can last for over 100 years. In comparison, some asphalt shingles may last less than ten years. Most roofs fall somewhere in the middle of this range. Average quality asphalt shingles should last closer to 15 years. Sturdy materials such as concrete or tile can last more than 20 years before needing to be replaced. All of these lifespans assume proper care and maintenance of course. A roof that has been damaged or neglected isn’t going to live up to expectations when it comes to its lifespan.

A first step in deciding if your roof needs to be replaced is to consider its overall condition. Start with the most serious conditions. If your roof is leaking, it needs at the very least to be repaired. A qualified roofer will be able to tell you whether repairs are possible or if it is time to replace your roof entirely. Next, look at the planes of your roof. If you see low spots, the support structure of your roof is no longer functional. Either the sheathing that supports your roof’s top materials or the rafters that frame the roof are damaged and no longer able to hold your roof’s weight.

Hopefully, you have not experienced either of these problems with the roof of your home. But if you have, then it is time to call a professional. A qualified roof repair and installation company can help you create a plan to replace your existing roof with a new roof replacement that will serve you for years to come. There’s no reason to wait to replace a failing roof. The cost of replacement will pay for itself in adding value to your home and protecting your belongings from harm. Plus, if you choose the right roofing materials, you may never have to replace your home’s roof again.

In the infographic below, John Anderson of Severe Weather Roofing and Restoration in Loveland CO, helps you easily understand the most important aspects of your roof. If you live in Loveland CO, please give them a call for all of your roofing needs.

And if you live in Colorado Springs, call Homefix: 719-749-1788

A infographic illustrating how to tell if you need a new roof
Credit to John Anderson

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