10 Common Punch List Items on Basement Finishes

A photograph of a newly remodeled basement in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Renovated and Remodeled by Homefix

No matter how hard we try, a final punch list after a basement finish project is inevitable. The larger the project, the larger the punch list. One of the greatest feelings in the world for a basement finishing contractor in Colorado Springs is completing the punch list and introducing the customer to their new ready-to-move-in living space.

Here are 10 common punch list items on basement finishes:

  1. Paint touch up.
  2. Plumbing trim adjustments. Hot and cold settings on faucets. Drain and supply line leaks.
  3. Caulking around windows
  4. Drywall patches or texture fixes
  5. Railing adjustments
  6. Grout touch up on tile
  7. Vents and grill installations and adjustments
  8. Electrical adjustments
  9. Door and door hardware adjustments
  10. Clean up (the most common one of all!)

It's important for a home owner to EXPECT these punch list items, that way they are not completely disappointed or frustrated when they pop up at the end of the project. But it is even more important for a contractor to address these issues early on their own punch list and communicate to the customer that they are aware of them.

Wrapping up a punch list at the end of a Colorado Springs basement finish can be one of the most frustrating aspects of the entire project for both parties involved. Clear communication and realistic expectations can prevent problems before they happen.

Homefix strives to tackle punch list items as quickly as possible by taking a proactive approach to finishing projects. Are you ready to see what Homefix can do for you?

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