Colorado Springs Bathtub to Shower Conversion Remodel

A bathroom remodel with a wooden sauna and a walk in, glass shower with a rain fall shower head in Colorado Springs

While having a bathtub is certainly convenient for those days when you just want to unwind and draw yourself a nice warm bath, more and more people are realizing that the cons of having a tub, instead of a walk-in shower, far outweigh the benefits and are renovating their bathrooms. This bathtub to shower conversion is a change you may want to consider making, especially if you live in an older home with an outdated bathroom or have bathroom space that feels cramped.  

We think every homeowner should weigh the pros and cons of swapping their tub out for a shower if they’re already planning a bathroom remodel, but that’s not the only reason you should be interested in making the change. Some of the benefits might surprise you and could inspire you to start thinking about all the other ways you could upgrade your bathroom. So, whether you’ve been planning on tackling that bathtub & shower remodel for a while now, or you’re curious about the ways you could benefit from making the transition, read on to get the info you need to know. 

Benefits of Transforming your Bathtub into a Shower 

Obviously, we’re not all lucky enough to have a large, lavish bathroom that makes every trip feel like a visit to the spa but transforming your bathtub into a shower can help you make better use of the space and fit in all the essentials more comfortably. Plunge baths are typically five or more feet long and two and a half feet wide, making them extremely large and bulky. They also take up a lot of valuable horizontal space that could be better used for other bathroom essentials and amenities or storage for toiletries. Stand-up showers occupy more vertical space that you probably wouldn’t have much use for otherwise and can be as small as 30 inches by 30 inches, helping you make the most of the space you have available. While you won’t be creating space out of thin air, it’ll certainly feel that way because making this swap will give you more space to move around in your bathroom. With all this newly available space, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make the area more functional for your family. This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of a bathtub to shower remodel, but it’s not the only one.  

Because they’re so large, filling up a tub requires a lot of water. Depending on how much you use it to wash, this can quickly run up your water bill. You’d be surprised to see just how much money you’d save by switching to a shower, especially if you have a large family that all use the tub consistently. While you certainly can fill it up less, it makes it harder to wash in effectively. This almost defeats the purpose of having a tub entirely.  

Showers are also more convenient when compared to tubs. If you have a bathtub, you must wait for the water to get to a certain temperature and wait for the entire tub to fill up. This can take anywhere from five to ten minutes, and while you can do other things while you’re waiting, it’s still annoying. Showers are ready whenever you are, so you can hop in whenever you need to freshen up or clean yourself off without having to plan ahead of time.  

Receive Quality Bathroom Remodeling Services in Colorado Springs 

Considering investing in a bathtub to shower conversion? Request an estimate from the professional contractors at HOMEfix today! Not only are we experts in all things home improvement, but we guarantee your project will never exceed the estimated cost assuming the scope remains the same throughout. That’s a guarantee few other Colorado Springs home improvement companies can make, so contact our tub to shower conversion company to get started.

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