Basement Ideas for Colorado Springs Homes

Many homes in Colorado Springs often contain a basement space that is either used for storing items completely wasted and empty space. However, a lot of people are now looking at their basement as a way of adding another area of living space to their home, and there are a number of different uses for Colorado Springs basement finishing.

Hobby Room

A lot of people have hobbies that have the ability to take up a lot of space, so it makes perfect sense to convert your unused basement in to a hobby room. Some people enjoy spending their time playing with miniature trains, and there is no better place to indulge this hobby than in an unused basement.

TV Room

A lot of people like nothing better than to chill out with a couple of cold beers whilst watching their favorite sports event, and again a lot of people are using their basements as a television viewing room. By adding a big screen television and Blu Ray player to your basement, there is no end of entertainment possibilities, from watching your favorite sports teams to the latest high definition films.

Game Room with Bar

Again, a lot of people are looking to turn their unused basement in to an extra room for entertaining, and this is a great way to make use of one of the emptiest rooms in your home. The addition of a bar can really make a difference to your basement, along with other items such as a jukebox or quality sound system, and a pool table. In addition to which, by adding a big screen television, you can add one of the latest games consoles too. Also, do not forget about vital aspects of your games room such as having somewhere comfortable to sit and installing decent amounts of lighting.

Theme Room

If you have a favorite sports team or showbiz personality you can design your basement around a specific person, team or theme. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of memorabilia and you want to show it off, and you can turn your basement in to a mini museum.

Movie Room

Similar to the TV Room, a basement is a perfect place for a home cinema, and there are plenty of places on the internet where you can find cinema style seating, projectors and big screens.

Here's a contractor in Pennsylvania who did a great job utilizing a fairly small basement area with several creative ideas. Maybe it'll help get your wheels turning too in YOUR Colorado Springs basement finishing project!

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