Refreshing Your Home: A Colorful Conversation with Griff

Rich and Molly's entertainment room / basement remodel completed by Homefix in Colorado Springs

Hey, Colorado Springs! It's Griff, your paint guru and local jokester, here to chat about something that could change your life—or at least the way your home feels. Ever wondered why some rooms make you feel calm and others make you want to run a marathon? Well, my friends, that’s the power of paint.

Why Colors Feel Personal

Imagine walking into a room bathed in soothing sky blue, like you’re diving into a calm ocean, versus being surrounded by bright red—it's like the walls are cheering you on while you do your taxes. Colors aren’t just about aesthetics; they influence our mood, emotions, and even productivity.

Picking the Right Paint

  • Living Rooms: Neutral tones might sound boring, but they’re actually the backbone of a versatile decorating strategy. They're like the potatoes of the paint world—good with almost anything.
  • Bedrooms: Looking for rest? Think cool colors, like a soft lavender or a gentle sage. These hues are like a lullaby for your eyes.
  • Home Offices: Need to buckle down and focus? Blues and greens are like visual caffeine, boosting concentration without the jitters.

Incorporating Trends with Timelessness

  • Trendy Tints: Every year, designers shout about the new color that’ll make your home look like a magazine spread. It’s fine to sprinkle in some trendy colors but use them like hot sauce—a little can go a long way.
  • Classic Colors: Classics are classic for a reason. They stand the test of time, and they’re easier to match when you’re shopping for furniture and decor.

A photograph of a renovated and remodeled kitchen completed by Homefix in Colorado Springs
A photograph of a small home office in Colorado Springs
A photograph of an updated dining room with new wooden floors by Homefix of Colorado Springs
A photograph of a Homefix employee painting a living room wall in white

HOMEfix Color Consults

Think of us as your color coaches. Whether you want a home that’s serene and soothing or vibrant and full of energy, our team at HOMEfix helps you pick the palette that fits your vision and life. We’re here to make sure you don’t end up with a living room that’s more ‘screaming’ than ‘dreaming’.

Dreaming of a new look? Let’s turn that dream into a reality with a splash of color and a whole lot of fun. Reach out to us, and let’s start painting the town—well, at least your living room.

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