How to avoid ANOTHER roofing claim

Want to avoid another hail claim? Check this out

How do you avoid ANOTHER roof claim?

Getting a new roof feels a lot like getting new tires. It’s expensive, the claim filing process is confusing and time consuming, and in the end, your house doesn’t look all that much different than it did before. Roofing shingles are just not that cool.


But what if after you got a new roof it was hail, wind, fire, wind, and color fade resistant with warranties on everything. What if you could do something to prevent filing a roofing claim every 5 years (or 2 years)? That would be pretty cool.


Allow us to introduce you to F-Wave. F-Wave is a brand new synthetic roofing shingle product from Revia. There are very few roofing contractors in Colorado Springs that are installing F-Wave Shingles and Homefix is proud to be one them.


F-Wave Shingles can withstand a class 4 hail strike, which means that they’ve been tested for 1 1/4” to 2” hail. Steel balls are dropped at heights between 12 and 20 feet to mimic the impact of hail striking your roof at high speed. F-Wave performed so well in these tests that they decided to become to become the only product to offer a 5 year hail warranty on class 4 hail strikes. They also fired a 2″ ice ball out of a cannon at 85mph, you can watch that here.


F-Wave Shingles also have a property that makes any evidence of hail strikes disappear when the sun warms back up, check it out!


Let’s back up a little bit. Hail Damage is most often caused by hailstones hitting the roof hard and removing granules from the shingle surface which exposes the asphalt shingle material. UV rays then wear that asphalt down over time and eventually cause leaks and water damage in your house. Not fun. F-Wave doesn’t have granules, each sheet is one continuous piece of synthetic material.


Is it worth it to upgrade?

Assuming that you’re planning on being in the house for at least a few years, it usually is worth it to upgrade to a hail resistant roof because it pays for itself after each storm that you don’t have to pay your deductible again. In El Paso County, thousands of homeowners experience severe wind and/or hail every year, but some areas are more affected by weather than others. Areas that experience stronger storms will benefit greatly over time from installing F-Wave because they offer long-term roof protection. For investment properties OR if you have a cedar shake roof, F-Wave is almost a no-brainer.

Impact resistant shingles like F-Wave are more costly upfront, but they pay for themselves over time. Typically, these shingles cost 10-20% more than the alternative. That being said, they reduce a your maintenance costs and may even prevent a premature roof replacement. Some insurers also offer discounts to homeowners with a Class 4 roof. This discount can also help offset the higher costs of these shingles.


“If something happens to me I don’t want my wife to have to deal with this”

That’s a real life quote from a man named Klip that we met while doing our first F-Wave install. Upgrading to a hail resistant roofing product makes sense for a lot of reasons but we can’t think of a better one than Klip’s.

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