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What are Architectural Roof Shingles?

Cody Binder

Cody Binder

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There are many different factors that go into the look and style of your home. In the past, your roof was not designed to offer aesthetic appeal, but that has all changed with the invention of architectural shingles. This roofing type has quickly risen to the top of today’s market and is going nowhere for the immediate future. More and more homeowners are getting acquainted with the many benefits of architectural shingles, but some are still out of the loop. If you are not aware of the beauty and longevity that is offered by this roof type, you should continue reading below for more valuable information or simply call a local trusted roof replacement specialist.

What Are They?

architectural roof shinglesArchitectural roof shingles are named mostly for their design. There have been many recent innovations done involving typical shingles to make them more dimensional. This innovation and technology has brought a new type of roofing option that makes the design the focal point. Architectural shingles have a very distinct look and offer high drama that is ideal for luxurious homes looking to make a statement. All of eth changes to typical shingles simply resulted in the new name and design that has taken off in popularity.

What Are They Made Of?

Much like other roofing options, architectural roof shingles come in a variety of types. However, they are generally constructed using heavy fiber glass mat base and ceramic coated granules. The granules are finely and expertly put into the water-resistant asphalt. Synthetic slate is also a common material for this type of roof shingle to be constructed from.

The Appearance

This type of roofing shingle can last up to 50 years, but the appearance and design is what will catch your eye. The three dimensional appearance is so different from anything that you have ever seen before in a roof. Many of the most appealing and gorgeous homes incorporate architectural roof shingles into the overall design of the home to give it a complete stylish feel. If the design of your home matters to you, this is really the only roofing option you should consider. You have a variety of colors and quality options that you can choose from to customize your roof based on your preferences.

Keep in mind that if shingles are installed improperly, they can look terrible no matter what design and color you choose! Be sure to hire quality Colorado Springs roofers for your installation.

High Quality and Appeal

This type of roof shingle is highly durable and offers longevity that can’t be matched. The design and style are an added bonus that any homeowner would choose.

The architectural shingles that Homefix typically uses come from one of the largest manufacturers in the world: GAF.


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