Attic Insulation = More Savings & More Comfort

Attic Insulation

Enjoy Saving Money?

If heat rises, then so does your money when there’s nothing to stop it from flying through your ceiling. Attic insulation is the single most important factor when it comes to improving your home’s energy efficiency.

The average Colorado Springs home owner could save up to 30% on their utility bill AND qualify for an Energy Star rebate!

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Owens Corning AttiCat Fiberglass Attic Insulation

What We Install

We install Owens Corning fiberglass blown-in insulation. This product is the most effective and affordable product on market today.

Some of our customers have reported getting their money back on their investment within only 2 or 3 years of getting it installed! And just as important, they no longer have to settle for being cold and uncomfortable in their home. Experience the difference our attic insulation service can make!

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Blowing in Fiberglass Insulation into Attic

How we install it

  1. We fill all ceiling protrusions with expandable foam
  2. We install proper ventilation with rafter mates
  3. We blow the insulation on top of your existing insulation

The AttiCat fiberglass insulation is blown in with a special machine from our truck. This ensures that you get an even and fluffy application (the fluffier the better!)

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